Friday, November 20, 2015

Minimalist Wallet Contents for a Traveling Woman: 11 Items

With this day and age, our society is continuously coming up with fantastic ideas for consumers such as rewards programs, cash back, and miles being offered. There's just one problem, how can you be a minimalist if you carry all of them with you? Your wallet starts expanding, you have to take it out of your pants in order to sit down, time is wasted shuffling through the plastic rectangles, etc. I finally had enough when I thought I had lost my credit card. Turns out, it was only sitting behind my Kohl's charge card.

Not being able to find anything, especially after working 12 hours, and rummaging through "junk" is so frustrating! This post is another step towards minimalism and I hope it becomes a motivating tool to live better with less. Stop wasting precious time digging through mountains.

11 Item Minimalist Wallet:
  1. ID - Carefully edited by me
  2. Insurance Card
  3. PNC Virtual Wallet - Debit Card
  4. Capital One Journey - Credit Card
  5. Sam's Club Membership Card
  6. Cash
  7. Pink wallet with zipper pouch - Great for coins and SD cards
  8. Carabiner
  9. Pocket Key Knife
  10. Honda Car Key
  11. Rite in the Rain Trekker Pen - for writing experiences in my Rite in the Rain book

Goal: 7 Items

I'm going to try and downsize this even more. Some companies allow customers to use their phone instead of carrying physical cards. Eventually, I'd like to find a waterproof book case with a phone and ID holder so I can just carry my Rite in the Rain book!

What about carrying a purse? 
Umm,.. yea... about that. Nope. 

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