Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Minimalistic Wardrobe for a Traveling/Working Woman

This mountain equals about 4 loads of laundry. After taking an entire day to wash and dry everything, I've realized that this is just laziness. I needed to put a stop to it, so I decided downsizing my wardrobe would be my first project for this blog. On top of downsizing, I would be able to find and wear that favorite shirt a little more often. Below are the steps I took to reduce the clothes from my closet.

Obviously the first step is to wash everything. Then dump it on your bed.

Make a list of essentials. I used pictures from Google images as inspiration to cut down. I'm a simple woman so I don't need many accessories. However, if you feel you need them, write them down. The following picture was found on It helped me tremendously put together my first list.

Minimalist Wardrobe

Transitioning from the mountain to a list was a difficult task. It requires a lot of patience and retraining your brain to stop from thinking you need everything. Eventually, I will try to downsize again, but for now, this works for me.

My list of essentials include:
10 Pairs of Socks
4 Bras 4 Sports Bras
10 Underwear
8 Jeans
2 Shorts
4 Tank Tops
8 Shirts
4 Dress Shirts
5 Dresses 3 Formal/2 Semi-Formal
*Uniforms: Paramedic/Nondestructive Technologist
Shoes: Flip Flops, Sneakers, Work Boots, Flats, Heels, Furry Boots

Everything I wanted to keep, was separated and folded.

The remainder of my items were placed in garbage bags and moved under the bed. This allowed me to adjust to my new wardrobe and if I did absolutely need anything, I could grab it. The clothes are staying under my bed for about 4-6 months. If in that time, I don't grab anything, they will be donated or given to friends. This is just my personal experience downsizing. If you feel you're okay with going straight to the donation center, I admire you.

So far, the results have been pleasant. I'm on week 2 with my downsized wardrobe and have only worn the clothes I really enjoy. I feel fresh and dressed for any occasion. I've had nothing but compliments recently. It's definitely motivating.

**As time goes on, I'll update this post to share the changes I've made, including more pictures. Til then, I want to hear your minimalistic approach to your wardrobe and the steps that were taken to reduce it! I would also like pictures of the results!

01-06-15: I went to London with just a backpack. See my minimal list for the journey here.

05-25-2016: It's been well over a year since I've written this post. At this current time, I feel that it is a tad misleading since my work has changed. 

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