Monday, June 17, 2019

Central Florida Orchid Society Show - Orlando, Florida 2019

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Location: National Guard Armory, 2809 S Ferncreek Ave, Orlando, Florida
Date: June 1-2, 2019
Rate: $4.00 per Adult
What To Bring: Cardboard boxes for plants and plant accessories, Cash - this will be needed for any raffles and for any venders not established with paypal.
What To Expect: This show included a scavenger hunt which is fantastic for the little ones. There also appeared to be contests for the orchids. This event contained thousands of orchids, including growers that specify in fragrant varieties. Raffles were happening every hour. A red ticket is received upon purchasing a ticket and blue tickets can be purchased to win more orchids. This event is held indoors as well.
Suggestions: Florida was 96F on June 1st and 94F on June 2nd if this makes any difference to plans. The orchid show is located in a large building which is great for getting out of the brutal heat and possibility of rain. Eat before going and hydrate!

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The Experience:
I went on June 2nd around 11am. Traffic wasn't terrible and parking was bearable (I'm working on rhyming for my new singles, "I-4 is a Safety Hazard", "Orlando Traffic Blows", and "I'm Going to Order a Pizza Instead" - inspired by Macaulay Culkin and The Pizza Underground). Upon entering, the ticket booth is to the left. I suspect if none were purchased, there might be more than orchids to enjoy, like metal bracelets and your own disco.

Roaming through the slightly less than enchanted building, there were many beautiful orchids to enjoy and tons of highly educated staff ready to answer the same question, "I killed my orchid, how do I take care of it?" Aside from throwing the evidence away, I quickly found out there are MANY different orchids that have opposite needs, in addition to the bulletins below.

The following is what I learned:
  • Don't ask if the judged plants are for sale. 
  • I've discovered there's two types of people: people who know orchids like raising a baby and people who should probably just stick to window shopping. I had no idea a plant would be more high maintenance than thyself, not to mention, I'm pretty sure I just drowned my Orchid on accident..
  • Fragrant Orchids exist.
  • The internet is false. 
  • The orchid society can help you understand which orchids need full sun, which ones want shade, orchids that hate water, what part of the year to feed them, and more.
  • Don't water your orchid after 10am, that's what the lady said!
  • Vanilla beans come from a type of orchid. The process of drying it is heavily involved. 

I highly recommend this event to all ages. Exposing younger generations to anything plant-related is crucial, especially those growing in a concrete jungle. Connection with nature is becoming lost due to constant building, including taking care of plants. I encourage everyone to learn as much as possible before purchasing one. All it takes is too much moisture to murder your beautiful plant. Don't be like ignorant Heather.

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