Saturday, August 21, 2021

How to Get a Discount Buying a Fridge or any Large Appliance

How Does One Pose With A Fridge?

Please read this entire article before completing the purchase of your next appliance.

All of the tips are listed in steps and it is important to review the entire article to make sure you're receiving the maximum discount. You work hard for your money, you should keep some!

Figure out the style of fridge you'd like first. Double door, bottom freezer, no ice maker, etc. This is important because there are certain brands dedicated to particular stores, such as Hisense only sold at Lowe's.

After determining the type of style you like, get your dimensions. Usually, this limits where your final product is going to be found, like solely at Home Depot. This can be a very frustrating process, but there's some savings that can be made in the process.

1. Check the website for digital coupons. It might sound obvious, but can be overlooked while dealing with brick and mortar stores.

2. Check the manufacturer's website for a coupon or rebate program. Depending on your current chapter in life, buying appliances in bulk can apply towards rebates.

3. Before purchasing your refrigerator, look ahead in the calendar to see if there are any important sales coming up. There might be an opportunity to save even more just by waiting a week or two, such as labor day sales.

4. Some stores such as Lowe's and Home Depot offer military discounts. Usually these can add up to 10% off. They can't always be combined with a coupon, but it's worth doing some math if you qualify!

5. Bare with me. Once you've looked at all of the options above, finally log in to This is the BEST site I've found for buying and selling used gift cards. I've personally seen and used gift cards that have been up to 2.0% off at the more common big box stores. Load up on these and make sure to check the fine print that you're not buying more than their max savings. Some will say, max $20 savings. ALSO, Lowe's will only allow up to 5 giftcards to be used at a time. Don't buy too many cards.

6. Once all of this is reviewed, use your credit card with the maximum amount of cash back savings allowed. Since you're already making a large purchase, might as well get at least 1% cash back.

An important note! Make sure to leave a small amount left at the end of your purchase when buying the leftover on your credit card. Most people do not know credit cards have warranties available through purchases, should something happen to your new house decor.

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Thursday, July 8, 2021

Did you know you can get an AARP Membership under 50 years old?

Did you know you can get an AARP Membership under 50 years old?

Most people think that you have to be 50 years old to receive the benefits of AARP (American Association of Retired Persons). Surprisingly, anyone at any age can join and I’ve tested this out with the physical card that was sent to me. And yes, I’m just a little over quarter of a century old.

The following, are some of the reasons to get an AARP membership:

               Discounts on Travel: Car Rentals, Hotels, Flights

               Discounts on Restaurants: Outback, Rainforest CafĂ©(There’s one in Orlando, FL!)

               Educational Magazines sent to your home

               Insurance Benefits (This one really applies to 50 and older due to age restricted contracts)

The only reason I ever found out that AARP could even be offered to me at such a young age was from reading this forbes article, Without seeing this, I would have never known I could apply for a membership.

The following are some other articles I found from young people jumping on the bandwagon:




4. (You can read it in their faq!)

5. (Hey! It's Me!)

How much is it? $12 for your first year. Normally $16/year.

               1 Year $12           3 Years $43         5 Years $63

The card has already paid for itself between financial advice and restaurant discounts. A free second household membership is included. I’ve been able to use the AARP Membership at the following places:

1.      Outback Steakhouse – 10% off on food and nonalcoholic beverages

2.      Exxon Mobil – Every 100 points earns equivalent of $1 in savings on eligible purchases

3.      AARP The Magazine – gets sent directly to my home so I can physically flip through it

Even though people under 50 can use some of the benefits offered under the AARP membership, not all of them can be used. Insurance products and advisors are reserved specifically for the older generation.

To become a member, follow this link:

As much as I’d like to compete with Google’s algorithms, I left this article fairly short and to the point. We have more information to cover!

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