Thursday, November 12, 2020

I Messed Up

Have you ever wondered what it's like to have a raid fly trap stuck in your hair? You didn't? Oh okay. Well, let me catch you up to speed...

November 12, 2020, a day before Friday the 13th in the year that WILL be written in history books. Heather was minding her own business and decided to feed a freshly caught juvenile agama lizard. By the way, they're invasive. 

For those unfamiliar, it looks like this:

Okay, my drawings aren't the best, but it's the baby version of this guy: 

Like father like son right? 

The one I caught.

As I was cleaning the baby scaly dragon's food dish, a couple hairs escaped from my mane and grabbed on to the raid ribbon fly trap. It was at that moment, I knew I messed up. 

The ribbon was yoinked right in to the rest of my hair. On a scale of children's sticky hands to wax, it was both of these combined. I never thought I would give a review on a bug trap, but definitely five stars for also having a fruit fly stuck to it while also in my hair. And another five stars for coming out so easily with coconut oil and dawn dish soap (oil used first though). 0 stars for attacking me.

I managed to snag a couple photos for your viewing pleasure. Follow me for more hacks on how to keep bugs out of your hair. Don't forget to leave a comment, even if it's just a smiley face. Hope you had a better November 12th than me. Cheers!

Monday, November 2, 2020

Halloween Camping

Happy Halloween from Peace River RV & Camping Resort in Florida! A picture of the campsite can be seen below.

If I did Halloween camping again, I'd wake up wearing my costume. The sun sadly went down shortly after taking this photo. 

With that being said, the weather was BEAUTIFUL! Good friends, good food, beer and more beer!

Peace River RV & Camping Resort
2555 River Rd, Wauchula, FL 33873
(863) 735-8889

What I will bring next time:
• Something to protect my self-inflating air mattresses from dog nails
• A mesh bag for dishes to hang dry
• More mosquito protection
• Sleeping bag specifically for the dogs
• Bungee straps to pull excess tarp up in case of rain/condensation
• Cooler basket to separate meat
• Camping chairs, you know, to sit and drink beer from while watching a fire! I may have forgot them..
• More games. How did I forget the only game that ruins relationships?!! (UNO)
Collapsible shovel
• Something to hang dry clothes/towels

What I will reduce:
Less dog food. Brought wayyy to much rice and boiled eggs for Gus.
• The amount of dry goods. Especially when there are stores just down the road. Saves weight.
• I won't bring a beach mat next time for the dogs. They enjoy the cool sand and itchy grass I guess. Instead, I'd like to bring something thinner and lighter for packing.
• I'm not a fan of cups AND bowls. I will be finding an alternative for both that can also handle heat. One of my good friends brought his multi-use cup that has foldable handles. 
• Garbage - This one is always hard for me. Everything is packaged and makes so much waste. Although, with the stuff I just purchased, it's a one time deal, so there won't be as much trash generated.
• I took a Brita water filter to the site hoping I would have some fresh water...that water tasted awful! Instead, I'll be trying a couple alternative water filters. I definitely won't be bringing the Brita filter and I most likely won't purchase anymore from that company.

There's a lot more to cover, but I figured this would be a great snapshot of what the weekend was like.

As promised, here's a photo of the set-up. If you have any suggestions or tips, please add them. 
I want to read them all. 
Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, July 25, 2020

SnuffleupaGus Fell Off The Bed!

I know what you're thinking.


Okay, I probably don't know what you're thinking.

This is my lovely four-legged sidekick, Gus.
Unfortunately he fell off the bed the other night. He seemed to be unphased by the traumatic event and got back on.

It's okay buddy, I too have fallen off from counting sheep, BUT there is a solution for those that suffer from chronic night-time gravity problems.


Your Inner Dog
Your Inner Dog

Your Inner Dog
Your Inner Dog

If you have baby bipeds or animals of your own, this might just be the cure.

If you happen to try this, let me know how it worked out in the comment section below and thank you for reading!

Friday, July 24, 2020

Happy Little Alligator?

Happy Little Alligator
Bob Ross - Florida Edition

I'm not much of a morning person, but this happy alligator cloud caught my eye. I wonder if this is Bob Ross's happy little accident, Florida edition.

Did you know the temperature of an alligator's nest determines the gender of the hatchling?

"Temperatures 34 degrees centigrade and above produce androgenic hormones inside the egg, which form male organs. If the nest is laid on a rivernank in the sunlight, the offspring will probably be male; if it is laid in a cool, shady place, the eggs will yield females." Chicago Tribune

Do you have any funny cloud photos or odd facts to share?
Add them below! Thank you for reading!