Saturday, February 27, 2016

Simply Madness: Saturday Night Life Makeover

Over the past couple months, I've been experiencing a sinking feeling. Not about life, but not being where I want to be with a couple things. My eating habits (I've resorted to multiple fastfood restaurants and an abundance of sugar - sweet tea, coca-cola, and spoonfuls of table sugar in to a cup of coffee), my paperwork (2 bins and receipts galore, overflowing with papers), and my physique.

I also travel frequently, making it hard to designate time to go through my belongings. I received a phone call a week and a half ago, to take a job out of state. I finally decided enough was enough and was going to grab all of my items (or at least what fit in my car) and reduce them while on the road. If you're wondering, yes, my car is filled high enough just to see traffic behind me. I own a Honda FIT, which gives you an idea of exactly how much crap you can cram in there.

Friday night, I loaded up the car with everything that I practically own, with the exception of my dresses, my personal items bin, and a select few of other bins which include boxes for my camera equipment (in-case I ever decide to upgrade or sell my equipment). I headed toward my next destination. It hasn't been a full week and like I said earlier, receipts are dancing on my floor, backseat, and glovebox.

*FUN FACT: Glove boxes received their name many years ago when automobiles did not include heaters. Gloves were usually worn by wealthy drivers to keep their hands warm and utility reasons.

Tonight I'm finally creating, reducing more, and eating healthy. Below you can see the work ahead of me, but I plan on completing this in chunks just like my inbox. As I go, more posts will be written about each accomplishment. I am definitely way over my head right now and these pictures are embarrassing as well as motivating. Enjoy.

*Side note, I don't know how I didn't hit the publish button, but I guess that's what I get for creating posts using my phone. =P

*Right after my hotel stay, I made it to my couchsurfing home and unloaded all of my belongings. I have a problem. An update will be posted of my progress! I've already reduced so much!! 

February: My Life in a Nutshell

I've been ghost for a little while, but I've been busy. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of time to sit and relax much because my life is somewhat all over the place. As it has been for a little over a year, but I'm okay with that. So instead of spending hours on the perfect post, I figured I'd post a snapshot of my entire life and what's involved with it.


I can't say much happened for the first of the month, other than I got to spend time with my new edition to the family. My dog, Gus! Short story - I adopted him and two other pets in to my life. *whispers snakes*. I officially have an orange family. My cat is calico, my dog is whatever color you want to call it for yourself but he still looks orange, and the two other creatures are orange and black as well. I'll explain their stories on a later note, but let's keep moving on!

I had a birthday. I don't know if you're in to those kind of things, but being a quarter of a century old is not that exciting. The great thing is, my car insurance went down. The bad thing was, no one was around to celebrate. Why? Because I apparently give my life away to the MAN and enjoy slaving for 6 days a week for 12 hours a day.

Yup! I know! I live and breathe work for parts of the year, but have decent breaks in between. The main goal is to have complete financial freedom through passive income. Another subject I'll talk about later. For now, check out my Pat Flynn post. Not that great, but you can get the link to his page there. He makes over $100,000 each MONTH!

So, because I've been working, this means I am out of state and because I am out of state and working my life away, I had to bring my animals down to my parental units and the snakes to my brother. TMI. I get it. To give you another perspective, I traveled to Florida from South Carolina, back up to North Carolina, yes North. This is not a fun trip by yourself if you're under time pressure.

During my working experience, I've obtained a whole bunch of stories and experience. I am currently couchsurfing and I couldn't have found a better host. This has really been a wonderful first experience so far. I'll be staying with her for the remaining of the month.

I also received some sad news. My grandma is unfortunately under hospice care. I am thankful enough to understand she's making a conscious decision. Hopefully she can hang in a little longer. I was able to surprise her and other relatives during Thanksgiving in 2015 and so happy I got to see her happy and standing.

Going to switch directions and have story time! These are going to be kind of quick and to the point. If you want more elaboration, then request it in the comments! Otherwise, you'll just have to wait until my thumbs can type more.

Story #1: Rosemary was a turkey. My couchsurfer host had a pet Turkey given to her during friendsgiving (another awesome term I learned). Rosemary died. The day I arrived because a fox was hungry. RIP you delicious sounding fowl.

Story #2: Do not offer to eat anyone's pickle. It sounds bad to all parties involved. I think this one is kind of self explainable. If you're at an amazing cafe called Chops, do NOT offer to eat the pickle your friend does not want to eat. Things just get weird, instead to eliminate this awkwardness, ask for an extra pickle and have the waitress walk in to it herself.

Story #3: I created a paper shredder concept that will absolutely blow any others out of the water, at Chops, during the awkward pickle conversation. I want a paper shredder that talks back to me. You can change the voice to English, Spanish, Russian, and German. They come with an app so you can make it a dirty paper shredder, an alarm clock shredder, or even an angry shredder that simply makes you feel better about grinding up helpless bleached trees with hiroglyphics on them.

Story #4: Chickens get drunk. My coworker would put his tailgate down at the end of a hard shift, grab a beer for himself and a cup for his hen. I promise I do not make this stuff up.

Story #5: I almost blew away in North Carolina today. Picture a tumbleweed.

Story #6: is AMAZING! I also learned what a dirty meat cave was. Do not look it up of you are a sensitive person or get offended easily.

Other than the short stories and explanations of why I've gone ghost, I have a handful of other great projects I'm working on. However, I get distracted easily, so nothing is ever completed.

Below is a collage of my current life and what I'm involved with. Enjoy!

*The format is messed up. I'll fix it later.*

Monday, February 15, 2016

Toilet Seat Hack!

It's cold during winter.

So is the toilet seat.

Grab some toilet paper and place a layer right where you sit.


Your cheeks don't have to suffer.

You're welcome.