Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Flight

Dark clouds drift inland as I'm waiting for my flight to London, connecting in Houston, Texas. I'm standing in line listening to impatience grow. Believe it or not, it has a sound. More like the ambient noise coming from the TV. A white noise, though less pleasant.

A negative energy seems to linger as everyone is trying to hurry to their next destination.

Rain, snow, and ice will be covering the airport I'm supposed to fly in to, but my mood is light and I'm happy where I am in life. Especially right now.

Enjoy opportunities in life that are presented to you, even if it involves being patient to get to your destination.

My flight was canceled, but a new direct flight was made while waiting in line.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Cold hearted and guarded or am I?

After a trivial amount of relationships, each one seems to become more difficult with respect to trusting one another. In a world so vastly relied upon electronics and instant satisfaction, it's hard to be patient for anyone. Or is it patience? It also seems as generations continue so does the inappropriate personal conduct and mistreatment of our partners on both ends. We as a society have allowed certain behaviors and outbursts to be considered okay, when they are, in fact, not. What happened to elegance and being proper? Reflecting upon my peer's lives including my own, I only see lies, false acquaintances, and hurt souls, clinging to the next person or object that satisfies them just to numb the pain. I see cycles continue. A path of wrong decisions led by another just to cure the stings of failed tries. Eventually, it's like a rubber band, crawling back to what was comfortable instead of pausing to catch a breath of fresh air and starting on a slate that's never been scribed upon. So I ask this. Is it cold hearted to tell the truth to someone so blind, they choose not too see it? Or am I so guarded I'm making false accusations to protect myself from falling back in to the viscous cycle?

Monday, December 21, 2015

The Ride

Sometimes silence is the best gift you can give yourself. A mental pause. A break away from reality to let the mind just drift. The sound of the road, the wind brushing past the car, changing scenes triggers pleasant and creative thoughts. Take time for yourself to let go and wander from ideas to masterpieces. Stop being in a hurry. We're all headed in one direction. Forward.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

To-Do List: A Philosophy of the Most Procrastinating, Simple List to Write

Is a to-do list a sign of too much to do? At what point does a to-do list become procrastination? Do we become forgetful because of multiple distractions in our busy lives? If a to-do list gives us permission to forget, do we have a harder time with the capacity to remember later on? What use is a to-do list if you forget to read it?

I'm on a mission to find what works best for me to remember important commitments. However, I find myself forgetting to even look where I wrote those items. It's aggravating and disappointing when I've missed opportunities and deadlines.

In hopes of helping myself remember, these are the things that I've tried: 
Phone apps - Inkpad, Calendars, Alarms, Evernote

Handwritten - notes in my Rite in the Rain book, a timed schedule of my important tasks

Because I've tried to remember tasks with multiple resources, it becomes overwhelming trying to find what I was supposed to do, remembering to open the apps or bringing my books/notes with me. Pretty sure if my head wasn't attached, I'd forget that too. I'm on a quest to determine what works with my minimalist lifestyle in addition to life's wonderful distractions.

Self observations: 
If you write all your tasks down on a piece of paper, including what you think you may accomplish, you're in trouble. There is too much happening on the paper that other important items may become missed. A list of 100 tasks with 99 of them crossed out might look rewarding, but the one left over should have been the only thing accomplished for that day and leaves you still behind.

Struggles with writing to-do tasks with a time frame or time limit are demotivating (to myself). I look down on myself for not completing them in a timely manner and believe this is a negative approach. It doesn't work for me specifically, but everyone is different.

Between Evernote and Inkpad, I have enough random thoughts and notes to write half the content Barnes and Noble has on their shelves. I'm a digital hoarder. These two combined do not help the situation. I'm looking to eliminate as much as I can, including digitally.

I need a melting pot to hold my scatterbrained ideas and commitments, but I also need to accomplish them. Browsing through a couple sites, one of the articles said to write ONE objective to accomplish and only look at that until it is done. I really liked this concept, so I'm going to try it out over the next week. My review will be posted below as time goes on.

Please be sure to check out these other great links to make your to-do list work for you.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Throw enough mud against the wall, eventually it'll stick.

This blog is my mud.

Most of it will fall off.

All of it will be molded.

I will be successful with my muddy masterpiece.

Just keep throwing.

Self Awareness

For fear of rejection and being judged, this blog has enlightened me in so many ways. I'm constantly learning by creating. Challenges I post for myself make me realize I need to be more accountable in following through (something I've struggled with for many years). I'm nervous for the world to see my thoughts, but also motivated to keep trying.

Push yourself out of the comfort zone. Take the leap and try something new, regardless of what others might think.