Saturday, July 4, 2015

2014 Roller Coaster Review

2014 seemed like a roller coaster of a year for me. A mixture of highs and lows caused more stress on my body on top of other outside influences.

The Bad:
Bad Relationships. I was involved in failing relationships because I didn't know what I wanted.
Lost. I was lost trying to find myself at 23. Still living with the parents and being overwhelmed with constant stress of striving to be better and trying to stay ahead of my peers. I even began having anxiety with nausea even though I was doing all of the right things at my age.
In debt. I'm scared of any. My car payments are $350.00 a month and couldn't afford a house because of the debt to income ratio at the time. I hated the idea of throwing away money in to something that wasn't mine, but I've only been with my second job a year and the mortgage broker couldn't figure it into my income so I was stuck. I was also stuck with the rest of my $10,000 loan.

With the negative, I also had positive experiences happen for me during the year.

The Good:
2 Successful Careers. I currently work as a paramedic at the local hospital and as a field inspector for welds. Starting in February, I landed great contracts through my company working as data analyst in Michigan and New York. I worked through both outages which typically last a month each. I drove in snow, played in snow, and even stayed away from the yellow snow. ;)
Fastfoward through the horrible summer, I bounced back obtaining another contract to work in sunny Florida as a nondestructive techniologist. For those unfamiliar with the field, I inspect welds and pipes for cracks and leaks. I love it. I'm my own inspector gadget girl.
Minimalism. Getting closer to the holidays, they became harder because I no longer had that person to share to days with. I was learning the hard way to be okay with myself and find out who I want to be and who I am. Thankfully, traveling to get away, gave me the inspiration to try and pack less which leads to my current lifestyle: minimalism.
Therapy. Trying to accomplish a different lifestyle, forcing myself to go through new challenges still kept me overwhelmed. I was introduced to Therapy and found that extra support I've been looking for. I found someone that can listen to me and guide me in the right direction for my personal goals.
Traveling. While trying to find the inspiration to start fresh and get out of a negative atmosphere, I did a spur of the moment trip on my own to Washington D.C. and had one of the best experiences of my life. I met 2 wonderful women the United Kingdomand have new stories to add to my chapter of 2014.
Zenhabits. My hero. My role model. My eyes have been opened and I've been reading everything that is typed on the blog to better myself and create stability for myself. I found in search of helping me obtain a minimalistic lifestyle. It's everything and more. I've learned different ways to accomplish my goals and add quality to my life.

Starting 2015 with Car Payoff!

On January 15, I paid my car off in full. A little raspberry blue Honda Fit. Best. Car. EVER. $9654.00 straight to Honda Financial Services. Over the course of two years, I managed to travel and see outside of the U.S. and put away over $10,000.

In 2014, I attempted sitting down with the mortgage brokers and they ran my numbers only to come to the conclusion, I would not be able to purchase a house unless I either refinanced my car or paid off the loan. Refinancing was not an option since I would still have car payments. The next best decision was to pay off the car. And I did just that to start 2015 off right.

Keep in mind I'm only 23 and currently renting a house with my Dad. Not everyone has the same support so it may take a little longer. Don't let it deter you from reaching your goals though!

My credit score is almost 740, I've made just a little over two years in car payments, and currently no more debt.

Let me tell you. I feel so free. I still have to save up for a down payment on a house, but I am so relieved to know that I can finally start working on the next chapter of my life. I also don't have to worry about making car payments anymore or showing up to work every day. I can afford to take a couple days off now!