Disclaimer! I'm a one man band. My articles aren't going to be perfect. Not all of my photos will be Instagram quality. I've got some stories and a little experience to share. If you like the content, add an anonymous smiley face! Thank you for stopping by!

This blog was made to express my creativity and explore an alternative lifestyle. Join me on my journey to understand obstacles I've overcome and read about new projects I'm working on.

To give a little background information, I've always been a hard worker. Up until recently, I've realised there's more to life than waking up and returning to work every day. It's been my goal to create a stress free life using this site as an outlet for my projects, thoughts, tips for self improvement, and personal experiences

Last, I'll be incorporating motivational quotes and sayings, financial information, opportunities for others to make money, and content that makes me laugh. I want my readers to look forward to coming back and reading something new every day. Whether it's laughing or learning, I hope you enjoy!


  1. This place you ares standing in looks magical!

  2. This is in Lincoln, New Hampshire. Ice Castles that are handmade every year!