Thursday, May 18, 2017

Everything Wrong I've Been Doing With My Blog!

I finally started digging through previous posts. Some are fantastically written, others well, I hope I didn't cause to many people to run for the hills. To be frank, they're quite terrible. I was learning my voice, and still am. I hope you enjoy the 5 key points I missed since 2015.

No pictures. Yeah, those are worth a 1000 words. The words I didn't type in each post. Had I wrote more and added photos, it could have expounded on what was happening in my life rather than the three posts that was worth 1/100th of my London experience. Kind of disappointing that two of those stories consist of poo. They're still pretty funny though, I promise that's not all of London!

Failing to plan. I'm actually okay that I failed to plan for two years. It taught me everything that I've done wrong in order to turn things around and start achieving goals. Not only do I suck at coming up with usernames, but coming up with a business name? Logo? Slogan? HA! It had to hit me in the face. Seriously, my Note 4 literally fell out of my hands and smacked me in the face. Hence, the "Note"Heather site name!

Originally, this blog was meant to strictly focus on becoming minimalist. And while I LOVE fantasizing the idea of everything in my backpack, with three years worth of garbage in a mason jar, right now that's not possible and didn't want to lead people in to believing I was accomplishing these farfetched goals. I have however, made improvements in my life that I am excited to share with the world!

I've learned that my friends and family live vicariously through me. Whether it's financial advice, travel photos, or just getting weird, I feel I now have more to offer through my blog than I did before. The latest and greatest Heatherest plan still includes travel, but on a more Heatherful level (you'll understand soon enough). A dream section, where you get to interpret what in tarnation these closed-eyelid hallucinations mean. Personal lifestyle projects and creations I'm working on; Everyone including the Twitter God will be able to read about my failures so you don't have to waste time doing the same. Entertainment will definitely include intriguing photos, videos, and more stories. And last, unrelated articles that have no business nor category on my blog, other than to inform the one lucky reader that might stumble upon it through "duck duck go."

Plan 2017 is about becoming organized and consistent. Particularly having the train stay on the tracks. I'm curious how it will mold over the next two years, but so far, this is the plan. It will be as if,, and had an internet baby, and this is the masterpiece. They've got this internet thing down!

Forced Writing. Go ahead and skim through past articles. I'm sure you'll be able to choose which ones were relentlessly thrown out there. If for some reason I have a forced article, I promise to myself and my readers, there will be value. It might be dry, but you'll know how to order yourself a bus ticket or cook more than Chef Boyardee, darn it!

(in)Consistent. I didn't have this in my vocabulary for the longest time. For 26 years to be exact. Then it clicked. It only took a couple hundred dollars worth of plants that probably stood a better chance on the Game of Thrones after I got done with them. It wasn't until I consciously made the effort to think of consistency EVERY. DAY. For those that don't have to think about being habitual, I applaud you. The struggle is real over here. I finally found the schedule button to create weekly or biweekly posts (maybe even monthly, at the rate I've been going).

Social Media. I haven't shared many articles because I am my own worst critic. If it's not good enough for friends to see, why the heck should I share it with strangers? Time to reverse everything I've ever known. Once the content is cleared up and portfolio ready, the articles will speak for themselves.

I'm just going to be blunt and say that I'm not sure how to properly close this awesome list of fails because I've been writing since 3am.

Anyways, thanks for reading!

Here's to building a better future!

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