Friday, June 24, 2016

3 Couchsurfing Tips to Help Boost Your Accreditation

While lying down, I thought of a couple tips that might help your Couchsurfing future!

1. Log in to your profile every couple of days to add the confidence you are open to communicating. I've had multiple guests contact me in the last month simply from logging in frequently. Unfortunately, I've been traveling outside of home so it makes accommodations difficult.

2. Become verified! I cannot stress this enough. Trust is hard to obtain. Make your travels and your guest's travels easier by adding that extra layer of trust with a simple payment verification. It's the same thing as a membership fee. Only, one time! Currently, my home isn't verified because I've misplaced my paper while traveling away from home, but the second I return, it's definitely happening.

3. Obtain more references. Even if you're unable to find a guest. Maybe find someone online to help them get accommodated elsewhere. Leave a review for their communication, and they'll most likely leave you one back. You have to start somewhere!

Nomadic Matt also wrote a great article on How to Crush it on Couchsurfing. His goes in to more detail about trying to get your name out there, but definitely read it if you're interested in becoming a host or traveler yourself!

Anyways, I hope this helps. Comment below if you'd like to read more about certain subjects or need me to expand on an idea.

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  1. These tips are so key! We ALWAYS check to see if people are verified, whether we are hosting or surfing.

    I like to leave references within 24 hours of hosting/surfing... With the experience still fresh in mind, I find its much easier to leave a rich, detailed reference.