Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I Deactivated Facebook for a Month, and This is What I Learned

I began directing my time and energy in to other adventures. It sounds obvious, but never became clear until actually going about my business with it gone. I’ve focused more on living in the moment rather than reading the same repetitive updates over and over again. With that being said, I’ve had more time to enjoy the following:

Crawfish Hunting, Couchsurfing, Writing, Resting,
Cooking, Building Friendships, Creating

Because of this transition, my daily routines have also curved. I look at the news maybe every one or two days. I see what’s updated throughout the week, instead of the vicious hourly cycles I’d fall in to.
Before my departure on the book of faces, I had posted my email so everyone could contact me. To my surprise, I only had one email with contact information sent. I figured there would be a few more, but everyone has different priorities. Or so I’ve learned.

My attitude has also changed. For the better. I would drive myself mad, constantly looking for “likes”, updates, etc. I would run into upsetting images scattered throughout my wall of abuse, animals, and death. I thought I had created a niche selection of positive sources, but every now and then, something negative would scroll on by.

The driving force behind deactivating social media was a result of a sour recent turn of events. I went through a separation. I would find myself looking for a sign. False hope. I would spend hours looking for answers coupled with disappointment and wasted time. Shortly after, a death occurred in my family and my new job started days away.

I needed space. I couldn’t deal with people and my newly acquired anxiety. An experience that takes your breath away, literally.

With my newly found enlightenment, I find myself logging in only to download pictures that have been left behind. My intentions for the future are to continue creating, writing, and expanding this blog. Maybe then, I’ll reactivate it just to share my link with the world.

What I’ve gained from this experience, is time. Time to concentrate on things that matter in life. Family, friends, and experiences. Instead of wishing, be who you look up to. Enjoy every day as a gift. Life is what you make of it.


  1. Well said, exact reasons for what I'm venturing in to. Life IS what you make of it, and are full of choices. You are on the right path.. :-)

  2. Oh, and I like the layout and color of your webpage!