Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I Deactivated Facebook for a Month, and This is What I Learned

I began directing my time and energy in to other adventures. It sounds obvious, but never became clear until actually going about my business with it gone. I’ve focused more on living in the moment rather than reading the same repetitive updates over and over again. With that being said, I’ve had more time to enjoy the following:

Crawfish Hunting, Couchsurfing, Writing, Resting,
Cooking, Building Friendships, Creating

Because of this transition, my daily routines have also curved. I look at the news maybe every one or two days. I see what’s updated throughout the week, instead of the vicious hourly cycles I’d fall in to.
Before my departure on the book of faces, I had posted my email so everyone could contact me. To my surprise, I only had one email with contact information sent. I figured there would be a few more, but everyone has different priorities. Or so I’ve learned.

My attitude has also changed. For the better. I would drive myself mad, constantly looking for “likes”, updates, etc. I would run into upsetting images scattered throughout my wall of abuse, animals, and death. I thought I had created a niche selection of positive sources, but every now and then, something negative would scroll on by.

The driving force behind deactivating social media was a result of a sour recent turn of events. I went through a separation. I would find myself looking for a sign. False hope. I would spend hours looking for answers coupled with disappointment and wasted time. Shortly after, a death occurred in my family and my new job started days away.

I needed space. I couldn’t deal with people and my newly acquired anxiety. An experience that takes your breath away, literally.

With my newly found enlightenment, I find myself logging in only to download pictures that have been left behind. My intentions for the future are to continue creating, writing, and expanding this blog. Maybe then, I’ll reactivate it just to share my link with the world.

What I’ve gained from this experience, is time. Time to concentrate on things that matter in life. Family, friends, and experiences. Instead of wishing, be who you look up to. Enjoy every day as a gift. Life is what you make of it.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

CouchSurfing is the Future

For me at least..

I'm fairly certain I had the best experience I think I will ever have as a couchsurfer. During my month long stent in Wilmington, NC, I stayed with a wonderful host who was practically like a sister to me. She showed me the culture of her quaint town, the art, and knowledge she's gained from her travels. Like the review she left for me, we instantly clicked.

Well, last week I decided I had enough of the same old routine. Leave, go to work, be anti-social forever, then try and pick up where I left off in my previous friendships. Because I seem to work an exuberant amount of hours, I decided to give couchsurfing another try at my new location. I figured, why not? I can always leave and get a hotel!

Sure enough, I found an older lady who's way more hip than I am at 25 years old! We decided to meet at a mutual location, at Starbucks, of course. Everything seems to be a go for tonight!

Because I intended to be on the road for 2 months, I decided I would bring a couple things with me to write off the list. One of them being my sewing machine. And guess what my new couchsurfer host knows how to do... Yep, sew! Instant connection. Now let's just see if I can actually create a teddy bear!

What I truly enjoy out of this, is meeting interesting people. I learn so much more about myself and what I can accomplish. Being exposed to new lifestyles and passions are truly what make me happy.

Here's a nice quote I picked up during our Starbucks conversation, "People may get older, but your mind still works the same."

I'm going to end this post on that thought. Updates to come soon!

Update 04-26-2016: Couchsurfing went well. I think. I don't quite remember. One minute I was in the living room, the next I was on the bed texting on my phone. I awoke at 0600 scrambling to grab all of my belongings because I was almost late for work. However, I will have the opportunity to stay again and maybe this time, try sewing. It's extremely difficult being on the road and working 10+ hour shifts, but grateful for another opportunity and a friend.

2015 Year In Review

2015 was an interesting year to say the least. My exposure to life in general, exploded. I met new people, traveled to the UK and completed personal goals for myself with new ones to accomplish!

January - Started the blog in January.
February - Paid off the car for my birthday $10,000.
April - I got fired. Two days later, I was hired by a better company.
May - Skydived for the first time. It was so amazing, I went the next day!
June - Bought my house at 24 years old with $10,000.
September - I quit being a Paramedic to pursue my other career.
October - I traveled to South Carolina in an advancement of my career.
November - Surprised my brother and Dad in Chicago, surprised my grandparents in Indiana for Thanksgiving, and surprised my other Grandma in Michigan. I was fortunate to see family I had not seen in over a year.
December - Went to London for a week and a half through New Years. The Eye, the fireworks, were amazing!

Created Peer to Peer Lending account with
Traveled to states: Indiana, Michigan, South Carolina, Illinois.
I adopted a Golden Retriever and two Kenyan Sand Boas.
Passive Income also increased. Hoping to order a Happy Meal in 2016!

2015 left a lot of room to improve myself. Here's 2016 goals:

Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Bimini, Japan, UK,
Ice Castles, Diamond Hunting, Gold Panning, Gemstone Hunting

Start a Business
Skydiving License
House Projects Complete - Koi pond, Airplant Wall, Compost, Kitchen Bench
100% Paperless
100% Minimalist and Nomadic
Read more and write more

Passive Income:
I already have some income streams in place, but I'm hoping to have a steady amount.
Blog, IRA, Stocks, Photography, Advertise, Rent, Tutorials, Drop Ship