Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Minimalism: The Art of Letting Go

Being able to let everything go is astonishing. Personally observing and practicing the art of letting go, I can say it takes a lot, mentally. I’m constantly reminding myself I don’t need my childhood collection of M&M’s and sheets of music, I once spent 10 years of my life practicing. Teaching yourself to let go of others who negatively impact your life also takes a toll. There’s no need to make it a statement, no use in physically unfriending them on social media, or even wasting time to describe to others why people are considered “bad”. Just let go.

Keep what helps you move forward. Keep what is important and makes you happy. Keep the people that lift you up. I’m constantly molding, adapting to a changing society through technology, and have new goals and aspirations including immersing myself in other cultures.

I’ve been on this journey to become minimalist for over a year and a half, hitting bumps along the way, but have actually found happiness through less. I’m no longer stressing about finances. I’ve learned it’s okay to not compete with the Jones’s next door. I don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on “toys”. I’ve learned to just be. Be someone you want to hang around. Be my own coach. Be who I look up to. Becoming minimalist has taught me independence and patience. Knowing not everyone is on the same path, knowing not everyone has the same values and perceptions, has helped me become a better and happier person. 

This new lifestyle, philosophy, practice, whatever you want to call it, has taught me to live freely, openly, and I love it!

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