Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Unedited Raw Thoughts and Tips for Trips

* If you have special tips and suggestions for trips, please post them below!

Wear heavier bulky items to sace for packing
Pack a rope to tighten back
Bring hot hands for cold places
Bring same cothes, just less outfits
Grab divided laundry packets, shampoos,
Bring zip lock bags
-use same rope to hang laundry
Wear water resistant boots, nothing worse than traveling with soggy feet
Use water resistant and fast drying clothing
Purchase small souvenirs : coins, key chains = light
SMALL Souvenir ideas: post cards with stamps, coins, key chains - (light weight), pebbles,

Preload Google maps
-star common train stations and or bus stops
Use atm not currency exchange, fees are lower
Cart out usd to gbp in 10 scale for quick reference
Research local travel cards, they might be a better deal than paying per bus ride
Get Sim card as soon as you arrive (if applicable ) add paper clip
When hailing a cab, be sure to ask for estimate for total trip prior to take off ( not set at 20 euros to begin )
Make a wet and dry list. Do the dry every chance you get. Do this before you go to minimize wasting time to figure out what else to do.
I'm addition, prioritize that list 1-x
Review attraction websites to see of there are tickets sold prior to arrival. Plus cheaper.
Open CC and DC for international travel, specific countries are required
If plan on renting a car, research possible deals on the internet
And country requirements pertaining to rules and and regulations. May need an international drivers license prior to arrival.
□Look in to purchasing gift cards prior to departure??

Bring 2 outfits wash every other day instead of 4
Find spandex under shirt (stockings cut up )
Bring tervis cup, oatmeal, and tea incase unable to eat right away
Use bathrooms beforehand, even if you don't have to go
Bring a pen, pencil, and paper
You can't take pictures inside of museums, but you can DRAW!

Ladies, preplan shark week. Bring stuff just in case if it's close
Separate ID and passport in case one gets taken.
Separate money in to different pockets of hidden

Unless you're a professional photographer, take your phone, only if you know it has a good camera in it. Less weight, more time doing, more pictures. Less conspicuous aka dumb tours

Bring extra collapsible bag inside of your big back to destination in case souvenirs

Bring extra battery charger / portable power bank

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