Saturday, January 2, 2016

UK Channel Tunnel: A Quick Turn-around

The Channel Tunnel also known as Chunnel in french, connects the UK and France. This is way faster than a ferry. Travel times average about 35 minutes on the rail, but REQUIRES some pre-planning, unless you have lots of money.

Unfortunately, I made the mistake of renting a car and driving from London to Dover without purchasing a ticket before my arrival. The price was £169.00 at the window. That's a huge cost if trying to travel cost effectively. The teller was extremely helpful and said it's cheaper to buy them more than 24 hours in advance. She kindly opened the gate and back to London I went.

Had this trip been properly planned, I could have seen France AND a lot more than street lights anyways. I started driving at 1530 which would have left me with absolutely no daylight since it's a 2 1/2 hour trip.

All was not lost. Instead, I had time to write about my personal troubles to hopefully reduce everyone else's! If you do happen to take the tunnel, I want to see some selfies!

To get more information regarding the Eurotunnel, please click on the link:

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