Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Key West, Florida, November 2016

Fate has landed me in Key West, Florida. The other California, though no beautiful mountains and earthquakes. The island has just about everything else, from coconuts to free spirits who wear painted birthday suits and sip on spiked slurpees. Think this might not suit your fancy? I highly recommend it!

“But there’s weird people down there!” “Aren’t you afraid to get hit on by drag queens?” “Have you seen any naked people?” “Six-toed Cats?!” “What about Zika virus?”

Weird is what makes us all unique. Go against the grain and experience a different culture that may be outside of your “normal” box. You will only grow as a person and just might come back with an interesting story, especially about the Garden of Eden. *insert winky face*

To answer the above questions: Yes there’s weird people. Yes there’s drag queens (pssst, they’re human too). Yes there’s homo-sapiens smothered in paint, but you really have to try hard to find them, unless you come for Fantasy Fest (Usually the end of October). Six-toed cats really do exist at the Hemingway House. As for Zika, you can be human, or you can just live vicariously through me and be a hobbit. No judging though.

On to the potatoes!

Don't blatantly stare, unless you plan on complimenting. Just because you're in a different location, don't get wasted and ruin it for others. If someone asks you to buy something, say no thank you, and continue walking to your destination. Finish your food on the street, not in the stores. Step out of your comfort zone and say hello to others looking at you. Don't leave trash, make it cleaner than you found it. No matter how bad you want to be a pirate, don't. Reminder, the people who work there see obnoxious people EVERY DAY. Make their day, if you can.

How much should I plan to spend in Key West, Florida?
This calculation is for one person spending a day there. Adjust for the group or kids you may bring and factors such as staying in a hotel (+$100.00).

Total: $200
Gas ~ $30 (127 mile round trip from Homestead, FL)
Food ~$75 (3 meals $25 plus hydration, candy, alcohol)
Souvenirs and Presents ~$100

How to pack for the Florida Keys
Flip flops (the same ones you used at the truck stop), shorts, shirt, underwear or swim suit, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen.

How to arrive
Options: Car, Bus, Bike, Cruise, or Horse (no seriously, don’t). If you’re choosing to drive down, I highly recommending stopping at the RaceTrac gas station in Homestead. Point blank, there’s only one way in. This includes gas ($$). Also, if a wreck happens, you wait in a long, terrible line, sometimes for hours…But the good news is, YOU’RE IN THE KEYS!

The last tidbit of advice I’ll suggest is to not bring a truck. Parking is ri•DON•culous! This is not USPS. If it fits, chances are, your vehicle will end up different than you left it. In case you had no other options than to bring a larger automobile, the two parking garages listed below should help you out.

Old Town Garage
Address: 300 Grinnell St, Key West, FL, 33040
Phone: (305) 809-3910

Public Parking Key West
Address: 220 Simonton St, Key West, FL 33040
Phone: (305) 912-7275

How to travel the Florida Keys for FREE.
Get on Rideshare through Craigslist.com or ride with a friend. It’s dangerous, but you can also bike the 127 miles from Homestead, FL. Eat before you go and pack a day bag with food at home. Don’t buy anything. Sounds pretty plain and simple, but it’s okay to not buy that fancy dress or Fat Tuesday Slurpee. Join a buddy boat and help someone on their vessel.

Ways to make MONEY in Key West, Florida.
Sell parking space • Sell coconuts and other fruit • Street perform (people love fire) • Upcycle items in to Artwork • Fishing charters • Landscape • Pet and Child Sit • Braid Hair • Sell Sarongs • Rent Boats • Sell Fish • Beach Bag Kits • Dress up

Where are some unique places to eat in Key West, Florida?
This list could be quite extensive, but I’ll spare you some time. I’ve personally visited these four places to eat and drink. All are very good, but just depends on your mood. I started off with Better Than Sex because my inner diabetic told me to!

Amigos Tortilla Bar - Restaurant
Hopping hot spot with Day of the Dead decor & a menu of Mexican street food & gluten-free beers.
Address: 425 Greene St, Key West, FL 33040
Phone: (305) 292-2009

Better Than Sex – Dessert
Dessert bar offering an extensive menu of decadent treats in a dimly lit, intimate space.
Address: 926 Simonton St, Key West, FL 33040
Phone: (305) 296-8102

Sloppy Joe's – Restaurant/Bar
Open since 1933, this bar offers live music & dancing plus a separate tap room for sports-watching.
Address: 201 Duval St, Key West, FL 33040
Phone: (305) 294-5717

Hog’s Breath Saloon – Restaurant/Bar
Popular pub providing bar food on a covered outdoor patio plus live music & dancing.
Address: 400 Front St, Key West, FL 33040
Phone: (305) 296-4222

Fat Tuesday – Slurpee Bar
Address: 305 Duval St, Key West, FL 33040
Phone: (305) 296-9373

Things to do in Key West, Florida

Mike marker 0
Address: 501 Whitehead St, Key West, FL 33040
Phone: (305) 294-1129

Ernest Hemingway House – 6-Toed Cats Live Here…
The Ernest Hemingway House, officially known as the Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum, was the residence of author Ernest Hemingway in Key West, Florida, United States. Opened in 1851.
Address: 907 Whitehead St, Key West, FL 33040
Phone: (305) 294-1136
Rate: ~ $13.00

Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory
The Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory located at 1316 Duval Street, Key West, Florida, United States is a butterfly park that houses from 50 to 60 different species of live butterflies from ... Wikipedia
Address: 1316 Duval St, Key West, FL 33040
Phone: (305) 296-2988
Rate: ~ $12.00

Southernmost Point Buoy
The Southernmost Point Buoy is an anchored concrete buoy in Key West, Florida marking the southernmost point in the continental United States. Wikipedia
Address: Whitehead St & South St, Key West, FL 33040
Phone: (305) 809-3700

Walk Duval Street

Watch the Sunset Festival

I’m an aspiring minimalist, so souvenirs turn me off. Especially if they’re not recyclable. But, I understand everyone is different. Here’s my list of environmentally friendly souvenirs you can get in the Keys!
Painted Upcycled Items • Handmade Grass Hats • Chopped Coconut Cups • Sand • Shell Mobiles • Hair Braids • Take a Picture and Frame it with Scraps Found


I hope you enjoyed this guide.

Leave some comments to make it better!

Friday, June 24, 2016

3 Couchsurfing Tips to Help Boost Your Accreditation

While lying down, I thought of a couple tips that might help your Couchsurfing future!

1. Log in to your profile every couple of days to add the confidence you are open to communicating. I've had multiple guests contact me in the last month simply from logging in frequently. Unfortunately, I've been traveling outside of home so it makes accommodations difficult.

2. Become verified! I cannot stress this enough. Trust is hard to obtain. Make your travels and your guest's travels easier by adding that extra layer of trust with a simple payment verification. It's the same thing as a membership fee. Only, one time! Currently, my home isn't verified because I've misplaced my paper while traveling away from home, but the second I return, it's definitely happening.

3. Obtain more references. Even if you're unable to find a guest. Maybe find someone online to help them get accommodated elsewhere. Leave a review for their communication, and they'll most likely leave you one back. You have to start somewhere!

Nomadic Matt also wrote a great article on How to Crush it on Couchsurfing. His goes in to more detail about trying to get your name out there, but definitely read it if you're interested in becoming a host or traveler yourself!

Anyways, I hope this helps. Comment below if you'd like to read more about certain subjects or need me to expand on an idea.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Real Bathroom Issue: Why would you do this?!

I literally can't even...

Who does this?!?

I spent way more time than I should have in the bathroom this morning because most of it was wasted on ripping small pieces of Charmin's arse-wipe in to my hand. I had MAYBE 3 inches to actually do some weird shadow puppet move to find the end of the rainbow.

Who even puts a handrail right there?? Why couldn't they fix the darn thing after they installed it?! I KNOW the person that installed either of these must have thought this was some cruel joke. One last jab to take out on some poor, vulnerable, individual just wanting a tree to wipe their bum with. Well, mystery person, you've accomplished it.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Where to Take a Shower While Traveling: Love's Travel Stop

While traveling recently, I came across a slight problem. A cold, dark shower. No electricity. No hot water. Blegh! Too scared of the abyss, I panicked and called Love’s Travel Stop. For those unfamiliar with this, it’s a truck stop. Are you crazy?! Why yes.. yes I am.

“Isn’t it dangerous!?” “Don’t get stabbed!” “Please don’t die.”
No, I didn’t plan on dying at three o’ clock in the afternoon and I definitely did not plan on going in to an environment where I thought I was going to be stabbed. I’ve been around enough to know that if something is going to happen, it will. No matter how much forethought and planning you put in to something. This, is a wonderful example of how fear consumes us from the unknown. A reason why so many people don’t fully indulge in what life has to offer.
Well let me tell you, that was the best damn shower I’ve probably had in a long time. Just mildly scalding with enough pressure to take the paint off of your car and I LOVED every single drop!
Let’s have a recap.
I called first to see if they even offered public showers.
Love’s Travel Stop Rate: $11.00/person.
What’s included: Matching blue towel, facecloth and liquid body soap located on the wall in the shower. For my experience, there was an outlet to plug in a hair dryer, or in my case, my phone charger (because I like to live life on the edge of 2%). A toilet, to contemplate more of life’s decisions or read your Facebook on, is located next to the shower. So, if you’ve had Taco Hell, you’re in luck! There was a fan hanging on the wall, but it didn’t have any awesome features to share.
What to bring: Your nasty bits, your own towelclothes, beer, shampoo/conditioner, soap (if you’re sensitive to lab made chemicals), toothbrush/paste, and FLIP-FLOPS. *I highly recommend flip-flops in any public shower. There’s too much bacteria on the ground that could ruin your dating life or your day, if you’ve got the foot fungi. Protect yourself and just wear them in the shower, plus they dry quickly. I was just kidding about the beer, unless you’re in to that kind of thing.
The experience: I’m not going to lie, I had no idea what I was about to encounter, so I stayed in my car for a minute and thought to myself, “Do it for the blog! No, it’s for me…I stink! But blog!” I grabbed my bag of clothes and flip-flops (noted above!).
I wandered like a goldfish to the counter and shyly asked, “Where do I go for showers?” The clerk pointed with her finger as if Dumbledore (Harry Pothead I mean Potter reference) was showing the way as I continued swimming through the sheeple to the second counter. “I’d like to pay for a shower,” I said. A complete stranger standing next to me dealt his loyalty card and replied “Here, this should cover it.” Never in my life would I have imagined some completely random dude would offer to cover an $11.00 shower at a truck stop, but he did. Thank you truck stop man!
You’re given a ticket with a number, almost like waiting in the Publix deli line, but not as appetizing. I found a seat in Subway and caught up on Judge Judy. I’m fairly certain she’s a vampire because she doesn’t look like she’s aged at all. She still looks the same after all these years!
After my number was called, I was handed a blue towel that looked like it had been stolen from a Dr. Seuss book, and a long wooden sized ruler with a key. Note to self, to open the door, you must turn the lock all the way and THEN turn the handle and THEN walk through. Otherwise, you end up awkwardly close against the door.
For extra protection, I placed my trusty running shoe in the corner of the door and the wall and my small pocket key-knife on top of the soap dispenser. Who needs a gun, when you have the hands of Jet Lee?! Scrub-a-dub-dub, I was finished in the time it took to read One Fish, Two Fish.
Feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world, my first quest was to check out at the counter and let the lady know Thing One’s towel was left it in the bathroom. The second was to buy myself a chocolate bar and slave for 12 hours.

Suggestions: Definitely bring your own towel. Wear flip-flops. Go during the day if you can help it. Arrive early. It could very well take 20 minutes before your number is called.

Kate, from http://www.adventurouskate.com/ recommends traveling with a big rubber door stop. For those that are unsure about the idea of using a public shower, it's one extra barrier to keep the peepers out. 

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Benefits of a Minimalist Lifestyle

Minimalism is
          A lifestyle - finding happiness while loving, being driven, and adapting to change.
          A choice - living with less, is more.
          A philosophy - a practice of keeping elements that only bring value and enjoyment.
          Uncomplicated - and less stressful.
          Organized - thoughts and spaces.
          A tool - to find freedom.
          Peaceful - enjoying life and focusing on what truly matters.

Minimalism is not about owning a certain number of items. The lifestyle is about being happy with less. If that means you are happy with a 20 piece wardrobe or even 288 objects, then you are well on your way to becoming a minimalist. The main idea is to erase negative influences, mainly clutter and people. Disclaimer: I do not literally mean erase people. I may not like them, but they're good to keep around. Sometimes. ARgh, you get the point. Anyways, minimalism is a choice which also has many positive benefits, which you'll understand by the end of this post, I hope.

The effects of clutter and negative energy:
Visual stress
Too much time wasted looking for items
Not enough time to do anything
Working too hard and too long
Unhappy feelings and emotions
Wasted money and food
What is Visual Stress?
Visual stress is the difficulty in distinguishing objects due to disturbing visual patterns.
"It can be responsible for print distortion and rapid fatigue when reading."
- www.ceriumoptical.com/vistech/visual-stress.aspx
This fatigue is exactly what occurred along with anxiety, as I stated above. It mentally hurt looking at my own possessions and caused psychological discomfort because the mind is trying to organize or process all of the items, especially in the photos below. Minimalism is a philosophy and therapy needed, to reduce the clutter, and release negative influences from clouding your vision.



The Minimalists Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus
These gentlemen work as a team to define minimalism and enjoy a meaningful life with less stuff. Their blog has a plethora of information regarding the basics of being a minimalist, getting rid of life's clutter, wardrobe essentials, money, and so much more. I highly recommend digesting all of the content these guys have to offer.
"Minimalism is a tool used to rid yourself of life’s excess in favor of focusing on what’s important so you can find happiness, fulfillment, and freedom" - The Minimalists

mnmlist Leo Babuta - creator of Zenhabits.com
Both sites are an eye opening to a new happy lifestyle. Learning how to let go of possessions, objects and how they consume us, and distractions, are some key points in mnmlist's blog. Opening your mind to zen thoughts and keeping your life calm, zenhabits.com is extremely refreshing by way of reminding us to slow down.
"It’s a way to escape the excesses of the world around us — the excesses of consumerism, material possessions, clutter, having too much to do, too much debt, too many distractions, too much noise." - mnmlist

becoming minimalist Joshua Becker
Joshua Becker and his wife decided learn how to become minimalists and for the past couple years, they've been blogging their journey, views, and thoughts along the way. The transformation over time, including their writing, shows amazing results and progress. Not only is it motivational, it's refreshing to be able to have a connection that they were once beginners too.
"Minimalism slows down life and frees us from this modern hysteria to live faster." - Becoming Minimalist

Loving Simple Living Lorilee Lippincott
Not only is this woman living the simple life, she's sharing it for the world to see. She's mastered writing and publishing a book of her own, wrote articles to help with the hustle and bustle of modern day consumerism, and even travels simply. This is a very admirable woman because she's in control of her life and loves it!
"The idea is to not be limited or distracted by material possessions." - Loving Simple Living

Exhile Lifestyle Colin Wright
An extremist in owning little possessions, this man is my biggest roll model as far as living the nomadic lifestyle on 55 items and writing his own content for an income.
"What Minimalism is really all about is reassessment of your priorities so that you can strip away the excess stuff – the possessions and ideas and relationships and activities – that don’t bring value to your life." - Exhile Lifestyle

minimal student Jessica Dang
Also working her way from the bottom up, Jessica is living the simple lifestyle and working on her school all while being happy with less. She's found the secret to happiness for herself and works hard to share it with others on her blog.
"It’s about finding happiness in what we have already, instead of chasing something that is always out of reach" - minimal student
What are some steps to help transition to a simpler life?
Write a list of 10 things that are important that you absolutely cannot live without.
Find a good friend to help you determine items necessary to keep or toss.
If you feel overwhelmed, start with one box, or a section of your room.
Keep your favorite spot in the house simple, as an example to follow for the entire house
Only focus on the list of 10 objects and separate all leftover items. Place them under your bed. If there's too many belongings, then place them in the corner of your garage. This is my 3 month plan. If you haven't reached in the bag, get rid of it.
Use samples from the internet, like I have, to keep yourself focused for the lifestyle you want.
Write down 5 goals on a dry erase board and look at it every day to help stay on task.
Also find a quiet place to meditate or at least think alone, without interruptions.

Benefits of a minimalist lifestyle and my personal observations:
Less visual stress
Less time looking for possessions
Less cleaning
Reduced anxiety
Positive energy
Minimalist Wardrobe
More time


Monday, May 2, 2016

Wilmington, NC

04-29-2016 1352 Wilmington, NC


It’s spring. Warm sun, cool breeze, and the sound of nature. Birds speaking a language only Mother Nature understands. I look up. 3 yellow triangles are reaching for the roof of the porch I’m sitting on. They’re freshly hatched baby Cardinals, screaming for a regurgitated meal. Yes, I had to add that in there.

I’m getting ready to explore my favorite quaint little town with my host turned bestie! While I wait, the shade offers me serenity while gazing at the sun glistening off of my Honda FIT. The plan is to hit downtown and enjoy a wonderful lunch, eventually returning to craft handmade pasta noodles.
I am all smiles as I finally have a day off to catch up on appreciating the little things life has to offer. Including nature therapy and writing my little heart out. I can think clearly now that my car has some organization, my clothes are clean, and this last job is complete.

Transitioning into a minimalist lifestyle has allowed me to concentrate on opportunities and experiences rather than worrying about gathering countless belongings. I’d still be doing laundry if I was the same person 2 years ago. Instead, I’m sitting on a hardwood floor, creating and sharing my stories, while listening to Thievery Corporation on Pandora. This outlet provides me a medium to enjoy reading what I’ve experienced and I couldn’t be happier, besides my foot going numb on occasion.

This morning, I’ve been able to learn about other bloggers, start a plan for budgeting and meals while on the road, and enjoy a beautiful “movie scene.”


I could hug the Earth fur I'm so happy, especially having 24 hours of freedom from the Man. I was brought to Wayfarer, in downtown Wilmington, and had it in my mind that I was going to order a mouth-watering sandwich and dip. Well, our waitress ended up seducing both of us into ordering the Special. Said special included oven-baked fried chicken, layered with bacon, layered with a hard-boiled egg, layered with cheese, lettuce, and other special sauces of which, I've since forgotten due to the food induced coma we were left in.

Waddling down a couple blocks, we made our way to a local family-run book store and the Cotton Exchange - which includes a conglomerate of smaller businesses along the river. Fun fact, yes the building was actually used during the Cotton Exchange periods of our lovely American History.

After spending more than I cared for, I made it back to the house with rocks, a face tube, sage, essential oil bug spray, and books. It was time to make epic handmade spaghetti noodles! The ingredients - just flour and eggs.

It's a little after 6pm. Craving tacos from a food truck, the noodles were left on the counter to harden while the two of us ladies were off again to the Fly Trap! We met with her gang and played Old Maid, waiting on the deliciousness to come rolling in. Literally. I had myself a taste of blueberry sour beer, not my favorite. It kind of reminded me of the Kombucha I had, for the first time, when I was valleyganting the Cotton Exchange. I, instead, chose the Farmhouse Ale. A little hoppy for me, but would suffice until the meat-stuffed tortillas were placed in my icy hands.

Alas, after devouring said tasty steak cilantro filled tacos, it was time for me to go. I said my goodbyes to everyone and started preparing for my 4 hour drive back to Chapin, SC.

Till we meet again Wilmington!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I Deactivated Facebook for a Month, and This is What I Learned

I began directing my time and energy in to other adventures. It sounds obvious, but never became clear until actually going about my business with it gone. I’ve focused more on living in the moment rather than reading the same repetitive updates over and over again. With that being said, I’ve had more time to enjoy the following:

Crawfish Hunting, Couchsurfing, Writing, Resting,
Cooking, Building Friendships, Creating

Because of this transition, my daily routines have also curved. I look at the news maybe every one or two days. I see what’s updated throughout the week, instead of the vicious hourly cycles I’d fall in to.
Before my departure on the book of faces, I had posted my email so everyone could contact me. To my surprise, I only had one email with contact information sent. I figured there would be a few more, but everyone has different priorities. Or so I’ve learned.

My attitude has also changed. For the better. I would drive myself mad, constantly looking for “likes”, updates, etc. I would run into upsetting images scattered throughout my wall of abuse, animals, and death. I thought I had created a niche selection of positive sources, but every now and then, something negative would scroll on by.

The driving force behind deactivating social media was a result of a sour recent turn of events. I went through a separation. I would find myself looking for a sign. False hope. I would spend hours looking for answers coupled with disappointment and wasted time. Shortly after, a death occurred in my family and my new job started days away.

I needed space. I couldn’t deal with people and my newly acquired anxiety. An experience that takes your breath away, literally.

With my newly found enlightenment, I find myself logging in only to download pictures that have been left behind. My intentions for the future are to continue creating, writing, and expanding this blog. Maybe then, I’ll reactivate it just to share my link with the world.

What I’ve gained from this experience, is time. Time to concentrate on things that matter in life. Family, friends, and experiences. Instead of wishing, be who you look up to. Enjoy every day as a gift. Life is what you make of it.


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Minimalism: The Art of Letting Go

Being able to let everything go is astonishing. Personally observing and practicing the art of letting go, I can say it takes a lot, mentally. I’m constantly reminding myself I don’t need my childhood collection of M&M’s and sheets of music, I once spent 10 years of my life practicing. Teaching yourself to let go of others who negatively impact your life also takes a toll. There’s no need to make it a statement, no use in physically unfriending them on social media, or even wasting time to describe to others why people are considered “bad”. Just let go.

Keep what helps you move forward. Keep what is important and makes you happy. Keep the people that lift you up. I’m constantly molding, adapting to a changing society through technology, and have new goals and aspirations including immersing myself in other cultures.

I’ve been on this journey to become minimalist for over a year and a half, hitting bumps along the way, but have actually found happiness through less. I’m no longer stressing about finances. I’ve learned it’s okay to not compete with the Jones’s next door. I don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on “toys”. I’ve learned to just be. Be someone you want to hang around. Be my own coach. Be who I look up to. Becoming minimalist has taught me independence and patience. Knowing not everyone is on the same path, knowing not everyone has the same values and perceptions, has helped me become a better and happier person. 

This new lifestyle, philosophy, practice, whatever you want to call it, has taught me to live freely, openly, and I love it!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

London: The Arrival 12-28-15

Jet lag kicked in after a long 7 hour flight from Atlanta, Georgia to Heathrow, UK. My flight was miserable especially after sharing my seat WITH someone else's extremities. They kept falling asleep, not to mention, I could hear every breath because they were snoring in my ear for 3 hours. Thankfully the plane landed and we went our separate ways.

Navigating through the airport seemed simple enough and security seemed extremely friendly. A drastic change of scenery, especially coming from America.

I found my way to the trains and bought a ticket for £6 each. Because I'm traveling with my companion, we got 2. Traveling with a partner is never cheap, but if both are semi-experienced with traveling, it's not that bad and working as a team is always a plus. In addition, we met our Russian friend! Knowing a point of contact or a local in other countries can be important for navigating and translating as well.

We arrived at Green Park, about an hour away and thus, began our quest to find the key for our temporary home, found on Airbnb (check soon for my Airbnb post!).

A 2 hour journey to find the flat, landed us right in the Centre, also known as the city. Famished and dry, there might have been a bottle of Tito Vodka involved before embarking for the famous Kebab (not the American meat on a stick version).

In order to find the kebab, we needed transportation. London offers an oyster card, which gives multiple options to pay, but purchasing a travelcard allows for traveling between the train and buses for a lower amount than paying per transport. £37 was spent on each travelcard for 7 days. Converted to USD, it's roughly $53.72. This was the best option, especially when taking the wrong routes in the unforseeable future.

All three of us squirreled around the city looking for the perfect restaurant to feast on kebab. In doing so, there were multiple historical sites to explore along the way.

The London Bridge
Tower Bridge
Starbucks - Okay, I might have purchased a hot cocoa! It was cold!

Searching the interwebs for kebab, we came across Lahore Kebab House. Of course we had to go, just because the name sounded raunchy. Our meals were decently priced, but not what was expected for the international delicacy. For three meals and a can of coca-cola it ran £9.00. We were given a pita bread smothered in meat, onions, and whatever other magical ingredients I've forgotten since then. I wasn't really a fan of the taste, so I did the next best American thing. Smothered it in ketchup.

Evening was coming early since London is placed closer to the north pole (higher in latitude and winter, brr!!). The sun sets around 430pm, giving a total amount of about 8 1/2 hours of daylight. It was time to head home for the night, but not without trying out the first of many pubs!

The Daft House. The perfect place to wrap up our arrival. I ordered myself a coke and was surprised with a lemon in it. I'll never drink coca-cola the same again! We paid our tabs and went back to the flat.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Johnny Lists - 70 of the Most Useful Websites on the Internet

This is an amazing list of links to help with life. I tried a couple of them out and they seem up to date. 
Check out some of the examples below!

Definitely going to try this out! I have a hard time hearing my alarms as it is!

WooRank is a tool designed to help with optimizing your website. Going to sign up in the future!

Reference Links

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Minimalist Belongings Packed for London!

I've layed all my items out before my endeavor to London. I highly recommend doing this to make sure all items fit before making last minute hasty decisions.

Getting straight to the point.
Here's a list of all the items I'm carrying on my back.

9 shirts - 4 long sleeve collard, 3 short sleeve, 1 dress top, 1 night shirt
3 pants - 2 jeans 1 scrub
2 bras - 1 neutral, 1 sports
9 underwear
9 pairs of socks
1 scarf
2 pair of Tights, 1 cut for upper body warmth
1 pair of boots
1 pair of flip flops
Gray travel jacket
1 winter jacket
Small backpack
Cup with oatmeal and tea
Handful of zip lock bags
Phone charger
Portable battery charger
Camera and accessories
Rite in the rain book with flash cards
Keys and wallet
Cabelas backpack
Hair clip
Hair straightener


Things I'll bring less of next time:
No camera with accessories
Download online storage to back up files in case of stolen phone
No hair straightener
No hair clip
Less clothes:
Only 3 short sleeve ( 1 night shirt), 2 collard, 3 pants 1 scrub, 4 pairs socks, and 4 underwear
Less souvenirs - only light ones
Depending where I go, one less jacket

Unedited Raw Thoughts and Tips for Trips

* If you have special tips and suggestions for trips, please post them below!

Wear heavier bulky items to sace for packing
Pack a rope to tighten back
Bring hot hands for cold places
Bring same cothes, just less outfits
Grab divided laundry packets, shampoos,
Bring zip lock bags
-use same rope to hang laundry
Wear water resistant boots, nothing worse than traveling with soggy feet
Use water resistant and fast drying clothing
Purchase small souvenirs : coins, key chains = light
SMALL Souvenir ideas: post cards with stamps, coins, key chains - (light weight), pebbles,

Preload Google maps
-star common train stations and or bus stops
Use atm not currency exchange, fees are lower
Cart out usd to gbp in 10 scale for quick reference
Research local travel cards, they might be a better deal than paying per bus ride
Get Sim card as soon as you arrive (if applicable ) add paper clip
When hailing a cab, be sure to ask for estimate for total trip prior to take off ( not set at 20 euros to begin )
Make a wet and dry list. Do the dry every chance you get. Do this before you go to minimize wasting time to figure out what else to do.
I'm addition, prioritize that list 1-x
Review attraction websites to see of there are tickets sold prior to arrival. Plus cheaper.
Open CC and DC for international travel, specific countries are required
If plan on renting a car, research possible deals on the internet
And country requirements pertaining to rules and and regulations. May need an international drivers license prior to arrival.
□Look in to purchasing gift cards prior to departure??

Bring 2 outfits wash every other day instead of 4
Find spandex under shirt (stockings cut up )
Bring tervis cup, oatmeal, and tea incase unable to eat right away
Use bathrooms beforehand, even if you don't have to go
Bring a pen, pencil, and paper
You can't take pictures inside of museums, but you can DRAW!

Ladies, preplan shark week. Bring stuff just in case if it's close
Separate ID and passport in case one gets taken.
Separate money in to different pockets of hidden

Unless you're a professional photographer, take your phone, only if you know it has a good camera in it. Less weight, more time doing, more pictures. Less conspicuous aka dumb tours

Bring extra collapsible bag inside of your big back to destination in case souvenirs

Bring extra battery charger / portable power bank

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Brown Surprise

McDonald's. I never thought I'd laugh so hard coming out of this restaurant. I gave it a try in London, because, why not.

I went to the restroom. Everything started out normal. The first stall was littered with toilet paper and of course, someone managed to miss the porcelain fountain. I skipped it and found the second stall. The perfect one to do my business.

I could hear voices on the other side of the stall, kids wondering which way to go, the sound of hands washing. Because there is absolutely nothing else to do, but listen while you do your business, that's exactly what I did. I listened.

A British family entered the room. They made it to the first stall. Again still littered, the little girl goes "Ewww!!" Leading up to the second stall, was of course, me. The mother says, "There's someone in that one, let's try the third one."

A bloody scream at the top of the little girl's lungs could be heard from the line ordering food. I jumped. I had not made it that far. The mother screamed. Both had ran out of sight of the third stall. There, laying on the ground for them, was a brown man-made Loch Ness monster someone gave birth to from their arse.

Absolutely terrified, the family ran out of the restroom and patiently waited for me to come out. I started laughing. I had no idea what was lurking on the other side, nor did I want to. I hurried to the sink and quickly escaped.

The moral of the story, beware of the bathrooms and sidewalks in London.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

UK Channel Tunnel: A Quick Turn-around

The Channel Tunnel also known as Chunnel in french, connects the UK and France. This is way faster than a ferry. Travel times average about 35 minutes on the rail, but REQUIRES some pre-planning, unless you have lots of money.

Unfortunately, I made the mistake of renting a car and driving from London to Dover without purchasing a ticket before my arrival. The price was £169.00 at the window. That's a huge cost if trying to travel cost effectively. The teller was extremely helpful and said it's cheaper to buy them more than 24 hours in advance. She kindly opened the gate and back to London I went.

Had this trip been properly planned, I could have seen France AND a lot more than street lights anyways. I started driving at 1530 which would have left me with absolutely no daylight since it's a 2 1/2 hour trip.

All was not lost. Instead, I had time to write about my personal troubles to hopefully reduce everyone else's! If you do happen to take the tunnel, I want to see some selfies!

To get more information regarding the Eurotunnel, please click on the link: http://www.eurotunnel.com/uk/mobile/
Wikipedia: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Channel_Tunnel