Sunday, February 1, 2015

Minimalist Desktop Challenge

What does your desktop look like? Mine was littered with icons, random downloads, and programs I don't use often enough (like eclipse for java). I finally had it and felt embarrassed whenever someone would take a peek at my screen. I felt like it was a messy room with unnecessary stuff everywhere.

I bought myself two separate terabyte hard drives. I know two terabytes is a bit of overkill, but hear me out. I bought them because it's safe to back up important images and documents. I've learned the hard way of what happens when files are not backed up. Computers crash, hard drives break. It's a sad ending. Anyways, I bought terabytes because I just got in to photography. I know that's an abundance of room, but it allows me to take as many pictures as I want and have enough space to organize as I please. The drives themselves are the size of my hand which is perfect for portability. Unfortunately, I don't quite trust the Cloud, so I'll stick with what I know.

So I copied all of my files on to my drives and threw everything else away on my laptop. I now have a fresh view every time I see my wallpaper without having visual stress, anxiety, and thoughts clouding my mind with "I need to delete this, I need to move that." Unfortunately, I am guilty of being a data hoarder, but looking at an empty desktop helps me get 100X the work done because I'm not staring at an eyesore anymore. If I absolutely need the items, I'll just simply plug in my drive and find what I need.

The process took about half a day. I labeled each one A and B just in case I need something from one or the other in the future. I dumped everything on to my drives. My thought process is, when I have free time, then I'll dig through my files and organize them. Right now, it's not on my priority list so I'll save it for when I have a layover at an airport or something.

I have to say, I don't have anxiety anymore looking at my desktop and it's a nice refreshing feeling every time I look at it. In case you were also wondering, I am a League of Legends fan! My favorite champion is Fizz. Don't hate!

Clean Desktop Challenge: Send me pictures of desktop pictures. I want to know your organization process for data as well!

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  1. Keeping our belongings organized helps us keep our thoughts organized!

    Here is a screenshot of my desktop background: